Our Story

Founded by Vanessa Mambu who is the company’s creative director, after leaving De Montfort University, Vanessa went on to work for some of the country’s top design houses, Vanessa has now worked in the Fashion industry for 20 years (she doesn’t know where the time went)

Vanessa has a romantic love the Fairy Tales, Greek mythology and British folklore, as well as the fashion icons of yesterday. The Tallulah Tennant brand blends Romanticism, Mythology, the traditionalism of design and materials this inspires everything about the brand, its aesthetic, and its identity.

As a young girl Vanessa spent a lot of time with her Grandmother who was always on her sewing machine, Vanessa loved that beautiful things could be created with skills, an idea, and a sewing machine.

Tallulah Tennant focuses on Craftsmanship, artistic introspection, beauty and its non-conformity, sexual yearning and altered states of consciousness.

paradoxically poised between nostalgia for the past and excitement about the future.

Drawing inspiration from visual art and literature

Literature is as important as fine art pieces we are often inspired by subjects from medieval romances, Arthurian legends, Ovid, Chaucer and Shakespeare. However, not ignoring contemporary politics or society

Made In Britain

We are based in the textile manufacture home Manchester “Cottonopolis”

We are available for appointments for atelier and our ready to wear is available online

Tallulah Tennant is a luxury fashion brand based in central Manchester and are available around the country with events throughout the year , where you can make an appointment to view atelier collection and get Ready to Wear at pop ups

for us is about underpinning and developing a skilled network of craftspeople not only in Manchester but around the UK, designing, developing and creating in Britain, making gorgeous clothes in local factories and with specialist craftspeople all over the country is something we feel passionate, responsible and idealistic about.

The most important thing to us is the cut and construction of a dress, immaculately-bound embroidery our clothes can speak for themselves.