A well-made women’s business suits is an essential part of every businesswoman’s wardrobe, reflecting professionalism, good taste and an expression of personal style.

Every handmade suit or dress is unique to its owner, but we think there is one constant: a timeless and elegant bespoke piece will never let its wearer down, no matter what the setting. Our bespoke suits are a true investment – working hard every day, but always able to rise to any occasion.

Tallulah Tennant’s bespoke service for women’s business suits and dresses, channel a bygone glamour when every well dressed women knew a good tailor.

Tallulah Tennant is a luxury fashion brand based in central Manchester, and offers Women’s Tailoring. We believe a bespoke suit is special. We make sure our customers are involved in every part of the process, while offering a convenient and discreet service

Traditional clothing techniques bring Tallulah Tennant pieces to life. Symbolising refinement and quality with a sense of cultural history, a heritage of British craftsmanship.

Through your support of us on our journey, you are impacting a beautiful change. Our mission is to sculpt elegant creations that encompass both traditional British heritage values and techniques, and the dynamic modern woman of today.


“To bring back a bygone era of pampered elegance”

“To revive the golden years of heritage craftsmanship”

“To create an inspiring story that is the real to our customers, and to offer them a lifestyle experience that creates a feeling of an exclusive world with nostalgic aesthetics”