“A lifestyle of elegance for a professional woman. From city wear suits to black tie formal dresses, experience the power of a tailored perfect fit, created just for you, a precious investment piece, made by our artisans using techniques and skills borne out of a bygone era. With current styling details”

A combination of experience, ingenuity and passion. Faithful to the noble art of pattern cutting as well as integrating innovative techniques, our tailors and craftsmanship create beautiful, timeless dresses. Our talented technicians work meticulously on each gown, diligently stitching and sewing each panel, crystal and embellishment with the utmost care and attention.

A bespoke customer, whether visiting Tallulah Tennant with an introduction or through mere curiosity, is introduced to the designer in the bespoke room where the foundations are laid for a relationship of trust between designer and customer which may last for decades.

The customer’s tastes, interests and lifestyle are discussed and a picture of the woman and her requirements is formed, with the cut and fit of the garment built around her needs. Tallulah Tennant conceives its dresses as exclusive creations.

Next the fabric is chosen, and only the highest standard of luxury fabrics are used to create each bespoke piece, the designer will gently draw out something suitable.

The customer’s measurements are taken, as well as notes on build, stance and posture. Later, the pattern cutter sketches the customer’s unique pattern, using expertise and instinct to shape the two- dimensional panels that will combine into a form-fitting garment.

Once a client has approved a design, and selected the fabrics, a sample is mocked up in calico. Tweaks to design, shape and the fit are all made at this stage to ensure meticulous perfection of the final garment.

The fabric is cut from this pattern and passed to the tailors; the creators of the suit/dress.

A few weeks later the customer comes in for her first fitting and can see and feel the beginnings of a suit/dress that previously existing only in her imagination.

Exquisite, hand-worked details are added as the suit/dress reaches completion – fine detailing, intricate hand-worked and embellishment horn buttons, and the discreet label. Then a final pressing and the garment is ready for collection.